Dreamland Collective

Adriana Garcia


Adriana M Garcia, artist, muralist, scenic designer was born and raised in the Westside of San Antonio.She received her BFA From Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Garcia has created scenic work with el Teatro Campesino in San Juan Bautista California as well as organizations in San Antonio such as the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center and the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. She has created community murals with San Anto Cultural Arts Center and Casa de la Cultura in Del Rio, Texas, so as to give voice to mental health and immigrations issues. She has exhibited work in San Antonio, Austin and Houston Texas, California and Phoenix, Arizona. Adriana currently worked on a mural at the South West Workers Union, in San Antonio. Of her artworks she notes, “I create as a way to document the lives I’ve shared in, it provides a way to honor a person’s existence and make visible the marks they have imprinted upon me and the environment- a legacy left as well as those still to
come. Intimacy abounds in lives encountered. I aimto extract the inherent liminality of a moment before action as a way to articulate our stories.”

For more information, visit her website.