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Bryan Hamilton

296483_259318494120449_1588470793_n Corpus Christi-born rapper and producer Bryan Hamilton first started his music education at Del Mar College in 2005 and his production career began in 2007 after moving to San Antonio.

“Bryan Hamilton assembles the motliest of crews to create a 70 min, 2 track masterpiece. Marc Contreras (Dance Like Robots), Jeff [Palacios] and Alyson Alonzo all contribute their unique voices and styles to this ever shifting, mutating, and unpredictable mix. […] what really shines through is the beat production and the best local music samples including an excellently placed Girl In A Coma guitar lick.” –Indie Texas

“Being a spirit and having a body is the great theme of this record, a blood-letting of the soul.” – San Antonio Current (Named 2nd best local album of 2011)

“‘Carla Morrison Remixed’ is one of the most coherent, original, and well produced releases of this year, and it is well worth a download, or at least a serious listen. –Funeral Sounds


58611_489597837759179_946145234_nWelcome to Dreamland

carla-morrisonCarla Morrison Remixed

bring us peaceBring Us Peace

39450_147853325266967_7338100_nDirt Rocks Vol. 1


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