Dreamland Collective

Jeff Palacios


Born in Austin, but raised in the heart of San Antonio, Jeff Palacios has conjured up a number of musical projects in the past 5 years. Since the age of 18, he has contributed his guitar playing services and vocals for Suspiran, BKKDD, Gunshot Hopes, Bryan Hamilton, Heavenly Junkie, Sugar Skulls aka Vincent Vega, Solaroid, Girl in a Coma, Ashram 5 Monks and more recently Jeff has found a place in Saakred y los Teardrops’ heart and back again finishing what Aliens WITH Halos started.

Jeff is planning on releasing a long awaited EP for Sugar Skulls fans early this 2014 as well as a new fresh San Antonio sound with Cayman Julia Robinson. Jeff might even surprise us with some of his own music he has quietly hushed away….